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Greensburg Pediatric Dentist

Dental care designed with children’s comfort in mind.

First Visit

As a parent, you’re welcome in our treatment rooms.  Our philosophy is that a child’s best dental experience happens when parents are completely involved.

Kid Friendly

You and your child will be cared for a by a welcoming staff, by mothers whose own children have received great dental care, right here.


🏀 Sedation Dentistry

🏀 Special Needs

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Get to know
Dr. Gjebre

Why choose a Pediatric Dentist vs a General Dentist?

As a pediatric dentist, Dr. Gjebre is a specialist with advanced post-doctoral training to provide for your child’s dental care from age 1 through the teenage years. He knows that good oral health is important to total health. By starting a program of preventive dental care early, your child can enjoy a lifetime of good dental health, and that means fewer problems at every age!

Our practice also welcomes children with significant medical, physical, and mental disabilities, patients that often present a challenge when it comes to good dental care.  Dr. Gjebre and his capable staff assure all patients of the best possible care.

We know your concern, that your kids cannot have a good time at the dentist.  We’ll show you they can. 🏀

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Kid-Friendly Dentistry

At the office of Dr. Gjebre, DMD, our goal is to give your children good associations about visiting the dentist and to promote behaviors that will benefit them and their teeth for a lifetime. We do everything we can to provide a warm and welcoming experience for your child. You may not think your children can have a good time at the dentist. We’ll show you they can.

You’re welcome in the treatment rooms, so your child has the reassurance that this new experience has Mom and Dad’s full approval and enthusiastic support.

Our office provides a bright and cheerful environment, including:

🏀 A Mini-Basketball Court (right in the waiting room!)
🏀 Colorful Pictures and Imaginative Sculptures
🏀 Stuffed Animals and Cartoon Characters
🏀 Kid-sized Furniture
🏀 Story and Coloring Books

Best of all, our staff of highly trained professionals is all chosen because they enjoy working with children. We are all dedicated to giving each and every child the best possible dental experience. We’re committed to creating positive experiences that will lay the foundation for a lifetime of dental health. Believe it or not, we have kids begging to come back!

children's basketball court at dr gjebre's office
little girl reading a book at dr gjebre's office
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