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Children’s Dentistry

We know your concern…

For your child, dental appointments represent a visit to a strange and uncomfortable place. They can stress over it for days beforehand and resist with attitudes and behaviors that parents know all too well.

Let us help. At the office of Keith Gjebre, DMD, we offer a Kid-Friendly Experience, where both the physical environment of our waiting and treatment rooms and the welcoming attitude of our staff puts your child at ease.

What is

Children’s Dentistry?

Children’s Dentistry – also called Pediatric Dentistry – is geared to treating of children from their first tooth through the teen years. Our goal is making sure that your child receives not only the care that will prevent serious dental issues, but also appropriate therapy if and when problems develop.

For Kids

For Kids

Children who have good associations with visits to the dentist will be more attentive to preventative care. They will associate tasks associated with routine oral hygiene, such as brushing teeth, with an overall positive experience.

For Parents

For Parents

We educate parents too! We work with parents of infants regarding the latest on finger, thumb, and pacifier habits, and make parents of adolescents aware of how important appearance and self-image are to growing kids